Monday, December 6, 2010

Recipes, Patterns, Herbal Medicine, & Preparedness Info

   Recipes- Since my foundations in preparedness started in cooking I am including a page of recipes I have and use regularly. I honestly believe that these should be written down and put in a special file in your recipe box, binder or file. One day you may need these and they will serve you well.
   Patterns- These most likely will include knitting, crochet and sewing patterns/ links/ or videos that show you how to make something you otherwise would have to depend on commercial industry for. Although, not as dire as food, shelter or medicine, sometimes the comforts of life can make you a little more at ease in the tough times.
   Herbal Medicine- these are some things that I have picked up in the last 3  years of study. Please read the disclaimer on the Herbal Medicine page and realize that while those things that I post are generally considered safe, you are ultimately responsible for your choices. 
  Preparedness Info- These are some of the basics of food storage, and utility resources (water, electric,lighting) home education, and self defense that we are implementing in our home. 
  We hope that each of these areas will give you a few more ideas to go on and broaden your experience and knowledge for preparing your own home.