Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brown Sugar

 This is a reprint from my Yahoo 360 blog back in 2006. I only had the two boys to help then, as Cecily was just new. Hope you enjoy!
Brown Sugar in 27 Easy Steps 
(or less)
Brown sugar is a really complicated recipe. The average joe should be forewarned. You MUST have an IQ higher than that of a 3 year old to do it.  I say that because Nathan is 2.5 and at one point when I had to run down the hall after a congested and gagging baby Nathan turned the mixer on and we had a spatula and brown sugar all over the floor.  (I tell you what you really get an education with kids around. They make things so... shall we say interesting and lively!)

Ok so for the recipe-
Dark brown sugar (makes a little less than one pound)
3 c. sugar
1/2 c. molasses

Light brown sugar (makes exactly one pound)
4c. sugar
1/2 c. molasses

Golden brown sugar (aprox 1.5 pounds)
6c. sugar
1/2 c. molasses

Ok the directions:

Sans Children-
1.  Pour sugar in mixing bowl .
2. Pour molasses in mixing bowl.
3. Turn mixer on LOW .
4. After mixer combines the ingredients well turn mixer off.
5. Scrape sides and bottom of mixer.
6. Turn mixer on.
7. Finish mixing little globs of molasses on LOW.
8. Pour/scoop brown sugar into container or gallon bag, seal.

With Children-
1. Wipe down table from gookies and goobers.
2. Scoot chairs close to mixer.
3. Reprimand little hands that play with mixer switch while attaching the paddle.
4. Scoot chairs back.
5. Get out sugar bucket.
6. Reprimand little hands that play in the "white sand"
7. Fight over who gets to pour
8. Settle on my turn, now your turn, my turn, now your turn....
9.Mommy puts the molasses in.
10. Reprimand little hands who are licking and sticking fingers in the sugar bucket.
11. Remove wet globs from sugar bucket, close lid and put away.
12. Reprimand little hands that are sticking molasses lids in their mouth and sticking fingers in the jar.
13. Turn mixer on LOW.
14. Wash spatula off after little mouth licks it.
15. Scrape sides and bottom of mixer bowl with spatula.
16. Turn mixer on low to continue mixing.
17. Hear baby coughing in bed, turn mixer off run down the hall.
18. Suction baby. Replace pacifier, tuck back in bed.
19. Spank little hands who have since turned on the mixer and have spread brown sugar on floor with spatula.
20. Sweep floor.
21. Wash spatula again
22. Reprimand little hands digging in the brown sugar bowl.
23. Open and scoop brown sugar into bag.
24. Remove marker from little mouths and hands.
25. Label and date bag.
26.Take children to bathroom to clean up molasses off face.
27. Place utensils in sink and wash.


  1. good to find this! and sounds like my house!

  2. Sounds great! How long can the brown sugar be kept?

  3. Ive kept it for months. As long as it is in an airtight container and it stays moist. If it does dry out you can moisten one of those terra cotta disks and put it in with it or put it in the microwave a few seconds. It keeps the same as store-bought.

  4. I've made my own brown sugar this way for many years. I don't store large quantities. Sugar and molasses keep just fine by themselves. When cooking calls for brown sugar, I just use white and add an appropriate amount of molasses.