Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Blessing in Disguise

  I've been debating what herb I would like to blog about next. An ongoing and developing situation right now with us requires a very strong, single herb tincture I've made, or a combination of several herbs that I've purchased.
  On one hand, many people treat it as a poison, and to be avoided. Others, like me, use it in several combinations because it is so good at boosting the effectiveness of the accompanying herbs.
  The herb Lobelia is an interesting and valuable herb that often gets a bad rap. Also known as Puke Weed, and Indian Tobacco, this nervine and emetic can be a big blessing, and has been for my son.
  Nathan, my second son and child was born with hemipeligic cerebral palsy, caused by a stroke in-utero. This means only one side of his body was affected, the left arm, and leg. The brain sends out too many stimulation signals and causes his muscles to tighten up and resist movement. Along with SPD and now most likely a case of dyslexia, Nathan has been a challenge!
  One of the commonly occurring side effects of CP is seizures. We have been blessed to have only one when he was 2 and teething, a febrile (being caused by fever) which I was told by an EMT is really quite common in teething children not affected by CP.
  Lately, as of this last year and a half, seizures started coming around periodically when sickness would bring on a cleansing fever. Over this last year we saw them increase from febrile caused, to an apparently spontaneous one while grocery shopping.
  Last Friday, after a restless night of slight fever and sore throat, I knew to expect one. Well to my surprise it wasn't just one but three that day!
  For the last several months, not knowing when to expect them Ive kept a bottle of Lobelia tincture with me in my purse at all times.
  I agree whole-heartedly with Dr. Christopher when he states that "it is a great blessing to epileptics" as only a few drops under his tongue stops the seizure immediately.
Lobelia spp.
  I had to ramp it up a bit on the second seizure last Friday and go for Dr. Christophers' glycerin based Nerve Formula (otherwise known as B&B formula) because he said the Lobelia (my vinegar based tincture) "burned" and took a bit longer because he didn't want to keep it under his tongue. In seconds after using the Nerve Formula ( Blue Cohosh, Black Cohosh, Blue Vervain, Skullcap and Lobelia) which are all nervine sedatives for the most part, he was up and playing.
  Because herbs can posess several qualities it does take some study to know how to use them, and Lobelia is no exception. One wouldn't look up a list of herbs to combat a cold, flu, or skin problem and throw them all together willy-nilly. Some herbs' multiple qualities could detract from or completely negate each other in the effect you desire. However, this doesn't mean that these powerhouse herbs need to be avoided or even feared. They just need their due respect.
  So for us, until that day in January when we can finally see the neurologist for some more insight, I'm depending on this God-given herbal nerve re-builder to strengthen and nourish my sons fritzing electrical system, giving him more of a normal shot at life as a very active, very loving little boy.   


  1. my daughter also had seizures from fevers she has now outgrown them but is allergic to tylenol i wish yall the best with the neurologist

  2. I have 2 children that had problems with seizures.The first one was put on meds for 2 1/2 years. I didn't want to do that for the second one. I read to use vit. B6 and magnesium in "Let's Have Healthy Children" by Adelle Davis.I would recommend reading this book.