Sunday, December 19, 2010

Honeyville Grain Give-Away WOW!

  Was up early and couldn't sleep. DH was trying to cook me out of the house again with the heater up to 75. (The man has no body fat!) Decided to check my email as I was out for the count yesterday with the flu (thank you raspberry tea!) and didn't get to the puter.
  What a great surprise when I see they are having an AMAZING freeze dried combo pack give away. It's so easy to register, just stop by  their blog and you have 5 different ways to enter and qualify. Winners will be picked Monday, so HURRY!
  I really love Honeyville grain, and was surprised to find out they have a blog here on blogger. Their products are excellent, and I plan on going through their posts to look at all their product reviews. At less than 5 bucks for shipping, there is no way you can go wrong ordering from them. I've comparison shopped, and found they beat out everyone in nearly every category! Hope you enter soon!

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