Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quicky Update

Just wanted to let you all know I'm still here. Last week found a powerful cleaning urge and I really did myself in the first three days. Wednesday was my birthday and also my home-visit for the midwife. For two days after that I sat and did hardly anything but sew, I figured I earned the time off. My husband has also been recovering from an accident in our van- swerving to miss an old couple walking on the road and he ended up hitting  a tree. Fortunately he wasn't severely hurt as the air bag deployed. However he has suffered from some kind of a hairline fracture and severe soreness to his right hip which required crutches and 5 days off from work. A week later the bruises on his legs are just coming out. Also have been getting some of the orders in - my herbs, the Berkey Light (WAHOO!) and the Watersorb crystals to make some cooling neck scarves for the heat this summer. So all in all its been a busy two weeks. That and keeping up with the news and the kids and trying to keep my sanity with expecting the baby in the next couple weeks ( never have made it to my due dates yet!) its been busy. Hope you all have been thinking about what you are doing about food storage and preparedness these last two weeks. So many things have been catching my eye at Drudge that I am amazed I am still sane and not going nuts with the preparing that I want to do.  OH HEY that reminds me I got to can up some chicken and some clarified butter from the videos that I posted for you. I'll put an update of those when I'm able too. Such an empowering experience for me and a pleasant sigh of relief for another bit of security for my family. Now I will be praying for some really good sales so I can stock up on meats to can. YAY!
Hope you have a good day and hopefully I'll get to post here soon!