Dear Mishpocha, believing that the time is short now, I feel it on my heart to offer some things that I make here at my home for our own use.  Abba has been prompting me to sell these at significantly lower prices than you might find elsewhere. I say might because I cannot research every retailer on the net.  Pretty much what it costs me for materials and packaging and only actual shipping.

At first my offerings will be in their most humble forms. Because I want to avoid all debt with this mission, I am starting slowly and do not even have a Paypal account. I would like to get one as soon as possible.

Payments will initially have to be made with money orders, and through the mail. I know this can be disparaging in our digital world, but if this is how I am supposed to do it, then I will offer these and Abba will take care of bringing the orders in. 

Availability will be updated as quantities change, and items restocked as quickly as possible. Please contact me if you would like multiple quantities of items to make sure that they are in stock.

Packaging will be in its simplest form as well. I would eventually like to put forth something a little more professional, but aesthetics don't really affect the quality of the product. 

Shipping will be calculated by the weight of the products (rounded up to the nearest quarter pound to accommodate the shipping materials), from my zip code to yours. I am not using shipping to make money. All packages will be sent USPS  Parcel Post. Any shipping confirmation or insurance will be your choice but is not included to keep the costs down. I will do my best to package all the materials well to prevent breaking, spilling or damage.

Returns I am not able to accept returns at this time, so be sure of the quantity and selection of your items.

I would like to add things as they become available, so check back to stay up to date with the items.

So that being said here are my offerings.

Colloidal Silver 
 8oz  $8
16oz $16
32oz $32

MSM powder
8oz  $6
16oz $11

Poke Root Tincture (alcohol menstrum) (made from fresh poke root not dried)
2oz $3
4oz $6

Black Walnut Hull Tincture (alcohol menstrum) 
2oz $3
4oz $6

Plantain Tincture (apple cider vinegar menstrum)
2oz $2
4oz $4

Lobelia Tincture (apple cider vinegar menstrum)
2oz $2
4oz $4
8oz $8
16oz $16

Black Cohosh Tincture (alcohol menstrum)
2oz $4
4oz $8

All orders can be emailed to me at dontfencemein1979@yahoo.com. I will contact you within 24 hours and confirm the order availability and provide you with an address to send payments too. Please include your name, email, and shipping address in with your order so I can send information pertinent to your order (e.g. shipping date, order confirmation, package tracking info etc.If you choose these options.) None of your personal information will be kept or sold.

Shalom Mishpocha!