Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Venture

Have been really Impressed by Abba to be offering those things that would be beneficial to those of my mishpocha that need them. So today after the elections I am compelled to get this out before the viewing public to have as much time as possible to get it into your hands. 

Take note of the new tab on the top with the title "Mishpocha". Hopefully I will get to add to it quite a bit more as the Father prompts me too. Some of my offerings will soon include patterns for ladies items for monthly needs, and hopefully some more herbal tinctures and possibly some herbal combinations in capsule form.

Will be posting some herbal recommendations for those of you who are interested in stocking up for your bug-out-bags.

Stay Tuned!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Passion For Preparedness

320x240_5490988Well good day, ladies and gents (you know you read too!). Processing a lot on my plate this summer, getting better acquainted with Hebrew Roots and what it means to do Bible things in Bible ways. Although this blog isn't a specific outlet for my "religious" meanderings, I don't know how (or why) one could or should leave that aspect out of their lives or out of such a serious topic such as prepping. Providing for your soul should be at the utmost top of our list. In the final moments of our lives we will not say "I knew I should have bought more toilet paper!"  The Bible tells us that if we gain the whole world but loose our soul, we've lost everything. Folks as interesting as frugality and prepping and herbs are, they are less than nothing in the great judgement. Make those preparations while you still can! 

I was blessed to have a wonderful friend introduce me to Hebraic Roots (some know it as Messianic or Torah Observant) this last year. At first I thought she was plumb out of her gourd. For pity's sake she was "turning Jewish" on me. Oh how little I knew! Although I'm not going to go into great Biblical dissertation take some time to look up these videos on YouTube. WARNING: they could become just as addictive as prepping! I'm happy to say that I consider Jim Staley's church my "online home church" or as we say 'Mishpocha' (that's "family" in Hebrew).  And BTW yes you can google Hebrew Roots and find all kinds of cultish reports about it. But until you actually hear the words and look them up in your own Bible in the context of which they are given (unh uh- no picking and choosing now!) will you really see what The Father (Abba) has in store for His children. 

Ok Sermon over. Now go check out these links! I dare you. No, I triple dog dare you!

Identity Crisis

Truth or Tradion 

What is True Faith? 

The Great Deception

The Great Church Audit

Not able to view YouTube? Try these podcasts:

Passion For Truth Podcasts

Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting Back in Gear Here Soon

On Cape Breton, Nova Scotia the fall scenery is spectacularBeen having a lot to process and on my plate this last little while. Will definitely share with you here soon. Some things we've been learning about Torah and Hebrew Roots, Sewing projects and perhaps some things of interest in mind. Still formulating. Waiting for the butternut to finally ripen up in my garden as we haven't had our first frost yet, and Im sure those things are WAY past the harvest days it says on the package. Still no heads on the broccoli yet either. Leaves are starting to look really pretty here. Doing some knitting on some leg warmers for Cecily and a cowl for myself. Pictures coming soon! Thanks for all your views I am hoping that you all are doing well. See you soon!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time Is FlyingThis summer is just flying by too fast. I've been taking several breaks from my computer, and limiting what I have been doing here to reading news and current events. Mentally my mind has been going in circles and wowed with all the natural instances of Gods power. It is so easy for me to turn into a crisis-watching-news-junkie, and all the mental stress that goes with it. Put that together with the fact that we live in coal country and have been watching the industry take a beating from our gov't and their pushy cronies (the EPA) and watching thousands of jobs get pulled from under the only real economic engine in the state. However I have had some good come of the spring and summer and I will squeeze as much in as possible to keep you updated. 
     First I was able to get a late start garden in. I have quite a small yard, and was able to put the biggest little garden plot yet ( the kids don't like having to play on only the slanty part of the yard lol). I was able to get tow rows of heirloom green beans in  and a row of heirloom yellow neck prolific summer squash, a row of heirloom straight eight cucumbers and half a row of heirloom butternut and zucchini. Also at the beginning of August I let the kids plant a small kiddo fall garden plot with some snow peas, broccoli and lettuce, although the lettuce is refusing to make an appearance. Except for the cucumbers and the broccoli and beans, the rest are new to me. Don't laugh but I have learned several things. One being that you don't plant yellow summer squash in the middle of the garden.2 Cucumbers planted that close together is possible, provided you train them up, and only if you have more supports than I do. Otherwise you have a viney, leafy mess that needs constant pruning. 3. No one in their right minds needs more than four squash plants. I have a 20 foot row of approx. 15 plants. 4. Because of the arrangement and spacing of the  yellow squash, I'm having quite a problem pruning back the leaves on all the plants with the powdery mildew.
Grace at the camping site with the Volcano
     Earlier this summer I received my Volcano Grill. Something I really want to show you. We got to take it camping when my BIL came in from the navy on leave. Unfortunetly we got rained out but I got to work with my Volcano some. I am still aiming to try an actual loaf pan of bread with it. As soon as I get some time I'd like to try it.
Nathans finger after 1.5 weeks with P.P.
     And again and again Ive gotten the chance to use my Peoples Paste formula. The most recent episodes were where Nathan sliced his finger if not all the way, nearly to the bone. The formula is also currently in the employ on Cecily's chin where it is healing up a nearly one inch gash on her chin from trying to walk across an unsecured board up on the stumps in the yard. OH. MY. There was blood every where.
     But perhaps the most engaging thing this summer has been learning about Hebrew Roots. I plan on having a whole separate series of posts on this soon. It has been literally  life changing. Suffice to say the Father has been leading me to the discovery of momentous things hidden in plain sight in His word. Things that I almost feel stupid for not seeing before. Among those things is the actual observance of Shabbat (seventh day) as he laid down in the beginning. I hope I can pull out some good elephants for this series of posts. I hope to be succinct in relaying to you the magnitude of what I have discovered. It has literally rocked my world, and continues to do so every week. Thanks to Passion For Truth (PFT) Ministries and a most helpful best friend, I've been able to see things as they really are. After all there are more areas to be prepared for than just food and water and such. The ultimate preparedness is our final destination. Knowing the Truth is what really matters in issues of the heart.
     Also I've been able to get the needles out again and start a couple new projects. I can hardly believe that I've kept my sanity over the last year, without having touched nary a thread. I've decided life isn't worth being THAT busy to leave knitting out. So I've put some leg warmers on the list for the girls and a nice cabled cowl on the needles for myself. I hope to have pictures soon.
     What has kept you busy?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Buzz Around Here

Well haven't blogged the last week or two, as you have noticed. We had my BIL come in for his furlough from the Navy and we wanted to spend some time with him. We had a two day mini camp trip with him, and have been fighting a nasty little bug for the last two weeks, (thanks public school neighbor kid!)  
Some of the things I have learned over this last two weeks. 

1. I'm glad I at least try to teach my children some hygiene manners. Nothing beats seeing the neighbors grandson wipe snot all down his arm and continue to pass the toys around. Granted, kids will be kids, but moms also need to be moms too.

2. One can always use more camping gear. Like umbrellas. Lots of umbrellas, or better yet a canopy. 

3. I can't stand the rain in this state. It ruins everything.

4. A wheel plow is not a good tool to tear up 2 year old grass with. Dirt is great, grass- no good. I've literally had to rip it up with my hands. And as of writing this I'm still not completely done. :-/

5. An allergy to a bee sting can come out of nowhere. Grace had to be taken to the ER because of a bad reaction to a sting. Makes me certain that I'll have to do a liver cleanse for her at least twice a year since her OD on the Tylenol PM a couple years ago. Thankfully it wasn't anaphylaxis, but there was a reaction there that I will ever have to be mindful of. So much for my idea of an apiary.  Nathan also got two stings this week, thinking he'd be a tough guy and not let me put anything on it. The swellings are finally starting to go away.

6. Never let an 8 year old tell you that "it doesn't hurt" and "I can handle it". :-/

7. Sick husbands whine. A lot. 

Other than that I've also gone out and picked up some material with the kids to make this years wipes up. I'm doubling them this time, and am using my White sewing machine on the treadle, as it has the built in zig zag cams. I still need to replace the zig zag attachment for my Singer. Got those finished up tonight. Had to give my shoulders a rest today. Have been trying to attack my garden spot grass the last two days, and needed to take a break. I'll be able to finish it up tomorrow and finally get the dirt broke up.

I am really at the latest I would like to plant over here. Since we are still waiting for the opening for the place we are moving into (did you know that a tenant can file for three, yes THREE extensions for an eviction in WV?), a garden is going to have to be split up into long term plants and short term. The longer growing varieties like my tomatoes and squash and watermelon will be planted over at my in-laws house, while the fast producing will be in my little garden plot here at our house. Things like cucumbers, zucchini, and beans and some kitchen herbs as well. By the time we get into the house we are waiting for it will be the end of August. I am still praying that we will get it, because I would love to have a basement and two bathrooms, room for a large garden and fruit trees, which would be getting ripe right about that time. If wishes were horses!

Tonight I also put in an add over at the local radio station for their Trading Post feature that they have every morning. I'm advertising for a non working chest or upright freezer so I can store my grain in. All you have to do is cut the cord off and stuff the opening with Brillo pads and foam. Voila! You have a critter proof storage container! Even better if it has a lock on it, otherwise I'll put one on it myself. Also advertising for used canning jars of which I'll pay $.25 for every useable one. So If you hear my add, and have some handy, write my number down.

Until next time - which should be a lot sooner than last time!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Coming Soon

Have an awesome review that Im going to put up soon of a really cool survival tool. Please stay tuned, as we are dealing with sickness right now. I'll try to get some pics taken, and if I feel fancy I might even try a video blog (so much less typing). See you then!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Murder in Montana

     Sometimes the homesickness can get overwhelming. My husband has a travel bug, he'd like to see the world. Not me, I'm happy living in one place. That is if that place is Montana. If you happen to live or travel up that way I suggest stopping in at The Dinnerbell Bakery in St. Ignatius(61262 WATSON RD Saint Ignatius, Montana 59865). This is also a great little place to stop in- Mission General Store. This is the home of  big sky, tall mountains and... Amish. Yes that's right. 

     Bought one of the cookbooks on a trip there with our home church one Saturday and have loved many many recipes from it. This is one of my favorites. Its one of those recipes that makes you feel proud to live where you live, to be a Montanan.

     So as per the previous components' recipes  I've given before and after the great hiatus you have everything at your fingertips for making your from scratch piece of heaven. Move over John Denver, you ain't got nothin' on the Big Sky State!

Sorry I must insert a few links here to share my love of my home state! YeHaW!
And now back to our regularly scheduled program....

Murder in Montana is a layered desert so you'll need one of each of these recipes made up:

     In a LARGE bowl (glass is nice because it shows off the layering) begin with cooled and crumbled cake, next adding, toffee, chocolate pudding, and then whipped cream.Continue layering until the bowl is filled, ending with whipped cream. sprinkle a few cake crumbs and toffee bits on the top.

     Why is it called Murder In Montana? The toffee are the bones the chocolate cake is the dirt. Chocolate pudding is the mud, and the whipped cream is the snow. Now you know! Serve, and have the recipe handy to give out! This is a drool factor of at least 9. Enjoy!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Give Away Winner!

Thanks so much for participating ladies! I had some late entries but all on the comments were included. So 
the winner for the Book Give Away is......

Doreen G.!

Alright Doreen, I need you to email me at , within 48 hours to get your address to me and tell me which book you'd like.  I'll notate which book it is on here as well, so others can find out. 

Don't worry, if you didn't get picked this time, I'm planning another give away in the next couple of weeks. Something that I think you'll like and find quite useful. Hope you all have a great evening and keep tuning in!

NOTE: I was unable to contact the original recipient so I have re-drawn. The new recipient of the free book is...



Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pioneer Handbook Freebies

Pioneer Handbooks     I promised you another freebie and here it is. Pioneer Handbooks is a site dedicated to keeping old ways alive. They are so passionate about keeping these periodicals and their unique information available to the public that they present all this information to you FREE. That's right FREE. I love that word. FREE!
This site is just awesome. Really, old time ways + newfangled viewing + printing at home + *FREE* = AWESOME. Whats not to like about that?  

     One of the things I like to do is to pick the brains of those that are much older than me. I love to hear their stories and things they've experienced. These are like asking great Grandpa what it was like when he was a kid. 

For instance the Handbook entitled 1896 Home Mechanic gives this description:
  How-to and DIY instructions from the year 1896.  This massive chapter of the Home Mechanic’s Manual covers everything from making medicine to hair oils and pomatum, perfumery, cosmetics, soaps, herb remedies, drinks and beverages, candies, remedies for vermin, inks, cements and glue, blacking and bluing, food recipes and cleaning tips.  The historic instructions in this chapter cover the whole range of things that the settler and pioneer families would make and use at home.

And this description from the 1881 Settlers Manual Farm and Orchard:
  More than 100 traditional pioneer recipes and kitchen hints ranging from bread, cakes and pies to roasts, preserves and even ice-cream.  This chapter of recipes and cooking tips was written in 1881 for the settlers heading into the Iowa territory.  The pioneers and settlers of the 1800's relied upon the handbooks and manuals they took with them. They were the DIY and how-to books of the day.
     I'm certainly going to be printing off a lot of these booklets for my print library. Hope you can make good use of them as well. 


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MYO Home Made Laundry Products

Ok, So Ive got my never fail small batches of home made laundry soap. But there are those of you out there who have been holding back because they don't have or want to sit and grate soap bars for a half hour (you know who you are). So here to throw before you is an offering of something even simpler. Granted if you are looking for a sulfate free version this probably won't work for you, but It might be the tightwads saving grace for those who happen to be lazy energetically and/or motivationally challenged. This woman is a genius.

Also I have to admit that I am terribly lazy motivationally challenged when it comes to stain removal on childrens' clothes. I mean really why bother removing the stains out of play clothes to have them muddied, hand wiped, dripped and otherwise icked on at the very next wearing? Don't get me wrong, I take care of the nice clothes, and I teach my children to eat over their plates and use napkins. I am not one of the moms that put down drop cloths for the babies to encourage throwing food (babies can be taught to eat neatly too! Ive proven it with 5 of them!). But for me stain removal is about as abhorrent as making ice cubes. (yes really I hate making ice!) So when I saw a link on face book to this womans' blog I really reconsidered my challenges.

Submitted for your approval are three recipes from a site called One Good Thing by Jillee.

Home Made Laundry Detergent (superfast for those who don't do grate!)

Home Made 'Shout' Stain Remover (will be trying this one this week)

and Home Made 'Oxi-Clean' (not something I use much, but hey I have the ingredients so we'll try)

If you try them before I can report back- speak up and tell us how they work!