Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are You A Good Cook?

  A lot of people have a lot of things that motivate their choices- likes, dislikes, dreams, desires, comfort, recognition, and so on.
  My beginings of preparedness began with a saying from my Grandmother and Great Grandmother. "A good cook isn't someone who can make a good meal from anything. A good cook is someone who can make a good meal from nothing."
   Thus began my desire to make things from scratch. Breads, pies, deserts, and main-dishes. Soon the question was not what can I substitute, but what can I make for myself? I began to see that if something ever happened to the fast food and boxed food companies in our country, half the people would die from starvation because of  sheer ignorance.  From there I went to real components of recipes- the basics- ketchup, mayo, brown sugar, and more. 
  As I married and began having children my scope of "scratch" expanded to keeping my family healthy. I delved into the world of "do-it-yourself" medicine- home remedies and herbs. 
   In the last couple years, awareness of the political climates and the economic instability of our country made me start thinking about my dependence on other things like water, sewer, electric, grocery supply and such. What would happen if a Katrina sized disaster hit my area of the country? What if our dollar tanked completely? How would we survive if my husband became disabled or was killed at work? These very real, and very propelling questions set me on a search, not only for self sufficiency, but a broader peace of mind.
  As a Bible believing Christian, I have learned to put my trust in God. I don't seek to insulate myself from every disaster, depending on the arm of man. But I do believe God tells us in His Word to be prepared, care for your family, plan ahead and be wise. I do believe that trusting in the arm of government and industry (regulated by government) is not wise and shows how far we have come as a society to rely on mans means rather than Gods provisions. Am I glad there is a store down the road? You betcha. Am I thankful that I can pick up socks and clothing at Walmart? Sure. And the unemployment benefits were a life saver when my husbands company completely closed at the beginning of the year. But I'm willing to look on the other side of availability and start looking at possibilities should these avenues be shut down. I don't want to be found cold and hungry waiting for a handout that may never come. I want to make sure I give the best I have at keeping my children's bellies full If my husband looses his job, or becomes disabled indefinitely. 
  There may not be any easy answers, and I may have to change my priorities, and sacrifice. But my goal is to be ready, to occupy till He comes. I want to be a good cook. Are you a good cook?

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