Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Buzz Around Here

Well haven't blogged the last week or two, as you have noticed. We had my BIL come in for his furlough from the Navy and we wanted to spend some time with him. We had a two day mini camp trip with him, and have been fighting a nasty little bug for the last two weeks, (thanks public school neighbor kid!)  
Some of the things I have learned over this last two weeks. 

1. I'm glad I at least try to teach my children some hygiene manners. Nothing beats seeing the neighbors grandson wipe snot all down his arm and continue to pass the toys around. Granted, kids will be kids, but moms also need to be moms too.

2. One can always use more camping gear. Like umbrellas. Lots of umbrellas, or better yet a canopy. 

3. I can't stand the rain in this state. It ruins everything.

4. A wheel plow is not a good tool to tear up 2 year old grass with. Dirt is great, grass- no good. I've literally had to rip it up with my hands. And as of writing this I'm still not completely done. :-/

5. An allergy to a bee sting can come out of nowhere. Grace had to be taken to the ER because of a bad reaction to a sting. Makes me certain that I'll have to do a liver cleanse for her at least twice a year since her OD on the Tylenol PM a couple years ago. Thankfully it wasn't anaphylaxis, but there was a reaction there that I will ever have to be mindful of. So much for my idea of an apiary.  Nathan also got two stings this week, thinking he'd be a tough guy and not let me put anything on it. The swellings are finally starting to go away.

6. Never let an 8 year old tell you that "it doesn't hurt" and "I can handle it". :-/

7. Sick husbands whine. A lot. 

Other than that I've also gone out and picked up some material with the kids to make this years wipes up. I'm doubling them this time, and am using my White sewing machine on the treadle, as it has the built in zig zag cams. I still need to replace the zig zag attachment for my Singer. Got those finished up tonight. Had to give my shoulders a rest today. Have been trying to attack my garden spot grass the last two days, and needed to take a break. I'll be able to finish it up tomorrow and finally get the dirt broke up.

I am really at the latest I would like to plant over here. Since we are still waiting for the opening for the place we are moving into (did you know that a tenant can file for three, yes THREE extensions for an eviction in WV?), a garden is going to have to be split up into long term plants and short term. The longer growing varieties like my tomatoes and squash and watermelon will be planted over at my in-laws house, while the fast producing will be in my little garden plot here at our house. Things like cucumbers, zucchini, and beans and some kitchen herbs as well. By the time we get into the house we are waiting for it will be the end of August. I am still praying that we will get it, because I would love to have a basement and two bathrooms, room for a large garden and fruit trees, which would be getting ripe right about that time. If wishes were horses!

Tonight I also put in an add over at the local radio station for their Trading Post feature that they have every morning. I'm advertising for a non working chest or upright freezer so I can store my grain in. All you have to do is cut the cord off and stuff the opening with Brillo pads and foam. Voila! You have a critter proof storage container! Even better if it has a lock on it, otherwise I'll put one on it myself. Also advertising for used canning jars of which I'll pay $.25 for every useable one. So If you hear my add, and have some handy, write my number down.

Until next time - which should be a lot sooner than last time!