Preparedness Info

  I think one of the most disappointing things about exercise and workout videos is that they are made by people that have already accomplished their goals. We don't see a weightier person doing those movements because you have to be skinny in order to do them! There are multitudes of sites out there with to-do lists, check lists, lists for dads, moms, elderly etc. My hope is to give an example instead of a list. There are plenty of things we have left to do. As our family is,  we would still be moderately unprepared. There are a lot of challenges that you may have to overcome in order to prepare. You may be out of work, or on food stamps. You may have medical issues, or have someone depend on you that does. Perhaps you have much debt, or like us live in a teeny tiny house. I don't have solutions for everything. It would be nice if answers were handed to us on a plate, but we need to be realistic. After all if you didn't want to do something about it you wouldn't be here reading now would you? I wish to give you hope and motivation to accomplish your goals, by watching someone else working towards theirs. Together we can do this!

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