Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Depression Era Recipes

   Even having a food storage plan and a modest stock pile of food there are times when we run out of things like eggs, butter, milk, almond milk, or fresh fruit. Those are usually things that we buy on a week to week basis because they are "fresh foods". 
   We make our own almond milk if the store-bought isn't on sale, but my husband still prefers cow milk. Butter is one of the exceptions that I make in our somewhat dairy free diet (we don't do ice cream, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, buttermilk, milk or cream except on very rare occasions) because we avoid margarine and shortening, and we only use about 2 1/2 pounds in a month for a family of 5 if I don't do baking with it.
   So when something is lacking before I can get to the store I can sometimes get hard pressed for something to fix, especially breakfast. I found it no wonder that in days gone by that they had mush's, meals and those type and variety of grains for breakfast food. Cream and fruit were definitely a seasonal treat and sugar consumption were significantly and amazingly less than what we are used to today. 
   So posting for today is a link to a Cookbook collection on  for DEPRESSION ERA RECIPES.
 I haven't tried any of these, and some add dairy and some don't, but I figured it would be a great resource for those of you that get in a pinch as well. Im also adding in the link to Mr. Breakfasts HOME MADE CEREALS again, just to give you a few more ideas.


  1. Try out a Youtube video series called, "Cooking with Clara",, She shows depression era recipes... she's very neat lady.

    1. You are so right westcoastgrace, I have seen her recipes I should post a link on here. She is just the sweetest lady. After her birthday last year she stopped doing the videos.

    2. God I hate those "Cooking with Clara" videos.

  2. I hate "Cooking with Clara". The recipes are no-brainers, and for some reason people seem to think she's "cute".

  3. I don't care for the "Clara" series at all.

  4. Well I like it alot and she is genuine, makes it all the more better.