Thursday, May 10, 2012

Murder in Montana

     Sometimes the homesickness can get overwhelming. My husband has a travel bug, he'd like to see the world. Not me, I'm happy living in one place. That is if that place is Montana. If you happen to live or travel up that way I suggest stopping in at The Dinnerbell Bakery in St. Ignatius(61262 WATSON RD Saint Ignatius, Montana 59865). This is also a great little place to stop in- Mission General Store. This is the home of  big sky, tall mountains and... Amish. Yes that's right. 

     Bought one of the cookbooks on a trip there with our home church one Saturday and have loved many many recipes from it. This is one of my favorites. Its one of those recipes that makes you feel proud to live where you live, to be a Montanan.

     So as per the previous components' recipes  I've given before and after the great hiatus you have everything at your fingertips for making your from scratch piece of heaven. Move over John Denver, you ain't got nothin' on the Big Sky State!

Sorry I must insert a few links here to share my love of my home state! YeHaW!
And now back to our regularly scheduled program....

Murder in Montana is a layered desert so you'll need one of each of these recipes made up:

     In a LARGE bowl (glass is nice because it shows off the layering) begin with cooled and crumbled cake, next adding, toffee, chocolate pudding, and then whipped cream.Continue layering until the bowl is filled, ending with whipped cream. sprinkle a few cake crumbs and toffee bits on the top.

     Why is it called Murder In Montana? The toffee are the bones the chocolate cake is the dirt. Chocolate pudding is the mud, and the whipped cream is the snow. Now you know! Serve, and have the recipe handy to give out! This is a drool factor of at least 9. Enjoy!


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