Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time Is FlyingThis summer is just flying by too fast. I've been taking several breaks from my computer, and limiting what I have been doing here to reading news and current events. Mentally my mind has been going in circles and wowed with all the natural instances of Gods power. It is so easy for me to turn into a crisis-watching-news-junkie, and all the mental stress that goes with it. Put that together with the fact that we live in coal country and have been watching the industry take a beating from our gov't and their pushy cronies (the EPA) and watching thousands of jobs get pulled from under the only real economic engine in the state. However I have had some good come of the spring and summer and I will squeeze as much in as possible to keep you updated. 
     First I was able to get a late start garden in. I have quite a small yard, and was able to put the biggest little garden plot yet ( the kids don't like having to play on only the slanty part of the yard lol). I was able to get tow rows of heirloom green beans in  and a row of heirloom yellow neck prolific summer squash, a row of heirloom straight eight cucumbers and half a row of heirloom butternut and zucchini. Also at the beginning of August I let the kids plant a small kiddo fall garden plot with some snow peas, broccoli and lettuce, although the lettuce is refusing to make an appearance. Except for the cucumbers and the broccoli and beans, the rest are new to me. Don't laugh but I have learned several things. One being that you don't plant yellow summer squash in the middle of the garden.2 Cucumbers planted that close together is possible, provided you train them up, and only if you have more supports than I do. Otherwise you have a viney, leafy mess that needs constant pruning. 3. No one in their right minds needs more than four squash plants. I have a 20 foot row of approx. 15 plants. 4. Because of the arrangement and spacing of the  yellow squash, I'm having quite a problem pruning back the leaves on all the plants with the powdery mildew.
Grace at the camping site with the Volcano
     Earlier this summer I received my Volcano Grill. Something I really want to show you. We got to take it camping when my BIL came in from the navy on leave. Unfortunetly we got rained out but I got to work with my Volcano some. I am still aiming to try an actual loaf pan of bread with it. As soon as I get some time I'd like to try it.
Nathans finger after 1.5 weeks with P.P.
     And again and again Ive gotten the chance to use my Peoples Paste formula. The most recent episodes were where Nathan sliced his finger if not all the way, nearly to the bone. The formula is also currently in the employ on Cecily's chin where it is healing up a nearly one inch gash on her chin from trying to walk across an unsecured board up on the stumps in the yard. OH. MY. There was blood every where.
     But perhaps the most engaging thing this summer has been learning about Hebrew Roots. I plan on having a whole separate series of posts on this soon. It has been literally  life changing. Suffice to say the Father has been leading me to the discovery of momentous things hidden in plain sight in His word. Things that I almost feel stupid for not seeing before. Among those things is the actual observance of Shabbat (seventh day) as he laid down in the beginning. I hope I can pull out some good elephants for this series of posts. I hope to be succinct in relaying to you the magnitude of what I have discovered. It has literally rocked my world, and continues to do so every week. Thanks to Passion For Truth (PFT) Ministries and a most helpful best friend, I've been able to see things as they really are. After all there are more areas to be prepared for than just food and water and such. The ultimate preparedness is our final destination. Knowing the Truth is what really matters in issues of the heart.
     Also I've been able to get the needles out again and start a couple new projects. I can hardly believe that I've kept my sanity over the last year, without having touched nary a thread. I've decided life isn't worth being THAT busy to leave knitting out. So I've put some leg warmers on the list for the girls and a nice cabled cowl on the needles for myself. I hope to have pictures soon.
     What has kept you busy?


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog looking up old depression era recipes. I just love your blog.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge, its like I just stepped back into my grandmother's depression era kitchen complete with all of the wonderful smells that can only come from a place of love.
    Warm Regards from Nebraska

  2. Hello. You visited my blog and asked for Hebrew coloring pages. Here are some:

  3. Hi!
    found your site looking for depression era recipes and your site popped up!
    More interested in the fact of you finding out about Hebrew roots. We, too, discovered this last year and it has been life-changing! We now keep the Sabbath and observe all the feasts. So much is translated and taught wrong.
    May YaHUaH bless you in your journey!