Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Passion For Preparedness

320x240_5490988Well good day, ladies and gents (you know you read too!). Processing a lot on my plate this summer, getting better acquainted with Hebrew Roots and what it means to do Bible things in Bible ways. Although this blog isn't a specific outlet for my "religious" meanderings, I don't know how (or why) one could or should leave that aspect out of their lives or out of such a serious topic such as prepping. Providing for your soul should be at the utmost top of our list. In the final moments of our lives we will not say "I knew I should have bought more toilet paper!"  The Bible tells us that if we gain the whole world but loose our soul, we've lost everything. Folks as interesting as frugality and prepping and herbs are, they are less than nothing in the great judgement. Make those preparations while you still can! 

I was blessed to have a wonderful friend introduce me to Hebraic Roots (some know it as Messianic or Torah Observant) this last year. At first I thought she was plumb out of her gourd. For pity's sake she was "turning Jewish" on me. Oh how little I knew! Although I'm not going to go into great Biblical dissertation take some time to look up these videos on YouTube. WARNING: they could become just as addictive as prepping! I'm happy to say that I consider Jim Staley's church my "online home church" or as we say 'Mishpocha' (that's "family" in Hebrew).  And BTW yes you can google Hebrew Roots and find all kinds of cultish reports about it. But until you actually hear the words and look them up in your own Bible in the context of which they are given (unh uh- no picking and choosing now!) will you really see what The Father (Abba) has in store for His children. 

Ok Sermon over. Now go check out these links! I dare you. No, I triple dog dare you!

Identity Crisis

Truth or Tradion 

What is True Faith? 

The Great Deception

The Great Church Audit

Not able to view YouTube? Try these podcasts:

Passion For Truth Podcasts


  1. love it love it love it! and not just cause I "know your friend" You worded this so well- I've been afraid to post anything cause I'm not so great at non offensive sharing. :-) LOL. Well I'm super excited about this post, and glad you shared! You are so right- be a prepper - just make sure you've prepared your heart first!

  2. One more thing- which video was it that was a "first step" or "first watch" for people who have no inkling what you are thinking?

  3. I would definitely go with the Identity Crisis to understand the idea of where the terms "Hebrew" and maybe "Ephriamite" come into play and explain the background Biblicaly speaking. This way you have a foundation to work from instead of having to deal with all the hard hitting info and new terms that are foreign concepts. Then go on to Truth or tradition. The pod casts also have his Church Audit Series which is good to.