Monday, February 24, 2014

     Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I am so glad you've joined us again and thank you for reading The Prepared Home Maker. Back after quite a while of being without internet and hope to have some exciting changes in store for you over the next little bit. I've had some good time to process and ruminate over different Items I'd like to share with you. From recipes to herbs, links to opinions, Im just brimming with goodies I want to post. Hope you keep in touch and tuned in.
      I also just want to say thanks for all the page views while I was away, not to mention almost 50 new followers. I hope I can make your valuable time worth it with my bits of info I share. We'll be working on some things to publish for this week, and many more on the way. Hope to see you soon! -Jamie


  1. Looking forward to hearing and seeing what you are bringing to the blog.. I am so happy I found this blog!

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