Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Review and Home Made Ant Terro Recipe

Well there you are and here I am and we're ready for today's blog post! (Boy can you say too much t.v. as a child?) One of the things that I wanted to start out with is a beautiful book I got on trade from my friend Staci for some colloidal silver. This is definitely a book that I'd want to recommend that every household have. It is right up there with the Dr. Christopher books that I have on my book list. Be Your Own "Doctor" by Rachel Weaver is a very valuable resource, and I must say that it has far exceeded my expectations, even though I'd heard rave reviews about it. One thing that I would say about it though is that every "remedy" in the book may not exactly be "herbal" per se. She discusses odds and ends such as charcoal, kerosene, epsom salts, Pantothenic Acid, and a product called "Maximizer".
      Now I've never stumbled upon "Maximizer" growing in my back yard or neighboring feilds, so that is one small drawback. She also recommends specific products like  Emergen-C, a commercial vitamin C supplement. And while all these things are and may well be fine and good, I guess I'm a stickler for the "could I get a hold of this in an emergency situation, or grow/forage it myself?" Also it sorta sticks in my gizzard when I find a really cool recipe, but it uses some kind of product that isn't a national product, or that is no longer on the market, and I can't find substitutes for. An example of that would be the once wildly popular (before cool whip) Dream Whip. Unless you look online, or request that your store carry it, it can be a pain to come across. Now shut down the internet or stop the trucking industry and these kinds of products are no longer available, and all the information that pertains to those chapters are virtually useless to a person.
      Overall this book is very helpful to treat several problems that a lot of herbal books don't touch on. She gives good overviews of the bodies systems and a smattering of some of the most useful herbs that she uses. Two of the best chapters she has are dealing with emergencies (which includes burn information) and her formulas and medicine making instructions which are simple enough for a beginner to understand and follow.  Definitely one for the preparedness library and a great big thumbs up.
      Also as promised, is the recipe we use for ant bait or what is commercially called Terro. Have used this formula for so long I'm not sure where I got it from, somewhere on the internet I suppose. The only difference between this simple concoction and the commercial product is thickness, but I'm sure the ants don't really care- at least not for long LOL. This makes a pretty large batch, but the ratios are easily reducible. No need to store in the refrigerator and lasts as long as you need it. And if you already have borax for your laundry soap recipe you have all the ingredients you need!

Ant Bait
2 c. water
1 c. sugar
2 T. Borax (yes, that's Tablespoons)

Will be blogging again soon here so stay tuned and be prepared!


  1. Here is a comment from Jamie (not myself) that was sent to my email. I thought it good to share for those of us that have very "orally fixated" chldren. Thank you Jamie!

    I was reading your blog and had another idea for ya.
    Because some people are afraid of borax around children (especially have it in the house around Little Lee), I found another remedy a couple of years ago that i have found to work.
    Cornmeal and little bit of sugar.
    Sprinkle in a dry place where you see ants. Ants can't break it down, they take it back to the nest and the rain/dew/moisture swells the cornmeal and blocks the nest. Also if they eat it it swells in the stomach and since they can't digest it---well you get the picture.

  2. Wanted to note as well- I had Nathan get into a bottle of Terro one time. The Poison Control Center said that there was no concern. With such a small bottle the amount of borax that it contained wasn't harmful at all.

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