Monday, March 21, 2011

Sewing- Electrical Alternative

Singer 15-90 Electric With Knee Kicker Pedal
   My husband surprised me last year with a 1948 Singer 15-90 in the original cabinet. The lady that had it took very good care of it and used it regularly. It even has the original seat with it. Ever since having my own spinning wheel Ive loved the treadling action, and it has once again struck with this Singer. 

Singer ZigZag Attachment
   In the interest of converting it I have located a treadle base at a local pawn shop for 35 bucks (can we say hugely ecstatic grin?!). Also for the last couple of days Ive been perusing the best buys on the internet for a zigzag attachments and buttonhole attachments. Ive secured a buttonholer which should be here sometime mid-week, and am waiting for results of a bid for a zigzag attachment on Ebay sometime Tuesday. Depending on how much money I have left I might get a spoked wheel although I got a tip from MalePatternBoldness that it really isn't critical to have a spoked wheel, as the drive belt leather will fit in the groove used by the motor belt. I've also been thinking about using a rubber belt instead of leather as I'm told they don't stretch or slip like the leather ones do. 

Singer Vintage Buttonhole Attachment
   Among the many other great things Ive found for the 15-90's and other vintage and antique sewing machines my heart throbs for the "Black Penguin" walking foot put out by Singer. However for the price range it might have to wait for an extended period of time. Seriously considering a newer version that meets April 1930's standards at a much more affordable price. For a great selection of attachments and parts check out April 1930's.
Rubber Drive Belt

I can't say that these preparations are more or even less important than say food storage, but having a larger family makes it among the necessities. In the event of trade relations going south (already happening) and the availability of cheap imported clothing (on the backs of child and forced labor) going with it, I doubt I would be able to find any modest clothing for my children (especially my girls). Obtaining a variety of patterns is also on my list and I plan a post here very soon about links to useful patterns such as no-pattern patterns, undergarments and such- something that will be very useful when Walmart is no longer importing these items.
Spoked Hand Wheel
  As my friend Staci suggested it's just as important to learn thriving skills as well as survival skills. Survival skills will get you by in the event of emergencies and disasters, but there comes a time when you need to look beyond the immediate and start living again. This is one of my "normalizing" steps- keeping up with seasons and the needs of growing children.
Be looking for the next post on patterns. Hope you have a great day!



  1. My treadle machine was my great grandmothers. It has been through a fire, so the cabinet isn't in the best shape, but the machine works. Having electrical alternatives is another method of preparing to survive. We..make that I..would love to go solar, but it just doesn't seem to be possible at this time.
    I'm looking forward to your post on patterns. I appreciate the skirt pattern you posted earlier.

  2. Like, like , like, oh ok it's not facebook, but I like it anyway! Great job!