Friday, March 4, 2011

Bacon, Eggs, and Buttered Toast -Shelf Stable Breakfast

  Found an awesome article about canning bacon at BACKWOODS HOME  that I am definitely going to try at home! Another great way to take advantage of meat sales before the price of pork skyrockets in about a year. We are also planning on taking advantage of a friends piglet raising this year and are buying a hog to put up in various ways (great thinking on my husbands part!)
   And what goes better with bacon than fried eggs? Although powdered eggs are a life saver when it comes to food shortages, nothing beats a good fried egg. And although I can't find the source where I read it, at this time, Im pretty sure the powdered eggs are made with some type of aluminum to keep it free flowing. So here is a link to a page that shows you how the old timers used to store surplus eggs without refrigeration for up to a possible 2 YEARS. See all the information, test results and how-to's at NON-REFRIGERATED EGG STORAGE.
   Of course eggs and bacon wouldn't be complete without toast and butter. I'm sure you have the ingredients for the bread, so here is a great tutorial on how to can your own butter (ghee) from a sweet lady who was nice enough to share her methods.


Hope this adds some new dimensions to your pantry and your creativity- ENJOY!


  1. I just finished canning Bacon for the first time yesterday! I read the same article on Backwoods home and used her method as well as canning some bacon chopped up. I use more diced bacon and figure it will be nice to have, for soup, re-fried beans, pizza topping, and countless other ways.

    I am so excited to have it on my shelves, I catch myself standing in front of the pantry with my coffee admiring my newest canning achievement!

    Happy Cannning

  2. Wow thats great! I hope to be able to try it soon. Do you have any other hints about it that you'd like to share? Did you use the paper as she suggested with the chopped bacon? I agree, it is so rewarding to sit and stare at the finished work. It makes me giddy inside when I can do that. :-)

  3. With the chopped bacon I processed it much like cubed beef or other meat, packed it in a jar and put a lid on it, processing it with the paper wrapped bacon slices. I haven't used the slices yet but the chopped bacon works great. I did some quarter pints for camping and such, half pints and one pint of the chopped bacon. I figure I can keep it in the fridge and pull out a T when I need it.

    Love your site, and I am already planning my butter canning exploits! I heard it could be done but had not seen a recipie, until now.

  4. Not sure I quite understand what the reason behind canning butter is. Someone enlighten me please.
    I love this website. Our family has been planning ahead for a year now (we jokingly call it our zombie preparedness) Thanks again for the great site.

  5. Sharon- I will can butter for many reasons

    Fun: same reason I camp, read, sew because I can (pun intended) and I enjoy those activities

    Storage: I buy butter when it goes on sale and canning it would free up freezer space

    Convenience:When I forget to pull butter out of the freezer it makes grilled cheese a major endeavor this would eliminate that. Handy for taking camping as well

    Emergency:If we lose power, it is one less thing to worry about in the freezer, it would make preparing meals without power easier and more convenient.

    Gourmet:I would like to test to see if it is possible to can butter with flavor, like herb butter, garlic butter or honey butter.

    Hope that helps you understand why I am excited about canning butter, I'm not sure about anyone else.

  6. Also think about the availability of oils if you had no supply from the store. At most, I've seen Lehmans add an oil press to their catalog this last Christmas season, but you would still have to have some storage or source for either sunflowers or peanuts, the most available oil-bearing plants here in the states. But if you had canned butter saved up from sales or a neighbor's cow if you're lucky, you would have a way to fry foods, use in recipes or such.Shortening is a very last resort, and virgin oils can be very expensive to buy. I think it makes pretty good sense (and cents!).

  7. D_PAPABEAR says? Does anyone know the shelf life of canned butter done at home as the video says?

  8. As with most of anything home canned, I would say use it up within a year. I've heard of many saying they've stored it for a couple years, and I read one place that said indefinitely, but I'm not quite so sure of that.

  9. You make powdered eggs by scrambling them and then cooking them up and then drain off the oil and what have you then you place them on a cookie sheet and break them up. Place them in an oven at 135 for 10hrs and it drys them out and makes them shelf stable for 5-10 years. Saw it on

  10. gonna give this a try, I use so much butter and freeze it all, this would be so much more convienient for us. Yea for all of us doing our thing