Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Made Coco Wheats

     Time for a recipe! One thing I've liked doing with my grain mill is to make our own Coco Wheats, so its time to share the goods with you. 
     Really this is so simple it doesn't even take measurements. Necessary items: Grain mill, wheat (sprouted and dried or regular) sieve, cocoa. I like to use sprouted and dried in my dehydrator. 
     Take whatever amount of wheat you desire (2 cups hard red winter wheat makes enough to make about 6 average size bowls of cereal) and grind on a smaller than cracked setting. On my Family Grain Mill this is a 2.5 setting. 

This is what it looks like up close before its sifted.

Sift a little bit at a time into a different bowl to separate out the bits that have already made it to a flour stage.

Add baking cocoa to the larger bits till you are satisfied with the coverage.
Cook as per directions given for the commercial product. If you don't have those handy, I usually do as much water as I want finished product and cut that amount in half for the coco wheats. Example 1 part cocoa wheats to 2 parts water. When it is cooked to the consistancy you want, add your sugar butter or whatnot. We usually like to add peanut butter, or maybe even some chocolate chips in the bowls, or some mint extract (just a touch). Vanilla is always good too.

If you don't use the whole batch that meal (dry mix) stick it in a container in the freezer to keep the oils from the fresh ground wheat from going rancid. Do this especially if you have sprouted and dried your wheat.  Enjoy!



  1. I just found this site off of facebook. I have saved it to my favorites. I hope you will continue to post on your site, you have several ideas and interesting perspectives. Hope to read more of your blogs!
    from Indiana

  2. Thanks Alex Im always glad to hear someone benefits from my experiences. I completely believe in teaching a man to fish. Both get much more satisfaction that way, and it can be payed forward infinitesimally.