Sunday, February 20, 2011


    This morning in my devotional I read this about business and thought (of course) of preparedness.
Never mistake activity for achievement
   There is a principle of economics that goes something like this: If you lose money on every sale, you can't make up for it in quantity. In other words, if your product is bad, it is not going to get better just because you make more of it.
   Some people need to apply this principal to the activities of their lives. They mistakenly think that increasing their commitments is admirable because "more is better." But sometimes more is worse, and this is particularly true of activities in our daily schedule.
   Before you get busier than you already are evaluate what you are doing. Maybe you should delete some commitments from your schedule so that you can do a better job with fewer activities.
    Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might... Ecclesiastes 9:10
   Today starts week 27 in this pregnancy-I'm starting the last trimester. There is still a very profound need for us to move, and it seems like all the works are gummed up. From my end of the deal there isn't much I can do. Jon knows the area in which he will need to be closer to work so I can't just go out looking on my own. I will have to rely on prayer and fasting to bring us the right place. But to fast during the last time of pregnancy?-certainly not! At least not in a food way. There are many fasts which one can choose to separate themselves from something "needed" and common to show earnestness God-ward that the prayers are in earnest and with sincerity.
   Thus I have decided to fast my computer for the next two weeks in order to see more clearly the working of Gods hand. I shall plan to actively rejoin all you wonderful people then. I do however, have some posts I plan on putting up on the auto post for the next weeks and hope you will enjoy them in my absence.


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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy!


    Amy Westbeld