Sunday, April 29, 2012

Give Away!!

     Seriously been wanting to do a give away for a long time, and now that I have had a recent blessing in my life, I want to turn around and use it to bless someone else. 

     On Tuesday May 1st I'll start taking names of those who would like to be included in a drawing for a book of your choice, of the titles here on this page. Leave a comment with your first name and last initial  ONLY, no email addresses (as I don't know how to keep them hidden).  On the following Monday, one week later I'll have a drawing and announce the winner. You must contact me with your email address at that time to give me your info to have the book shipped to you. Being subscribed and seeing the post on your feed will help notify you if you've won, but it isn't necessary to enter the drawing. If you do not contact me within 48 hours I will redraw for an new recipient.

Herbs to the Rescue-Herbal First Aid
     The choices I'm offering include three books that I know and have myself, and one I'm planning on purchasing soon. I love each one. 

     Herbs to the Rescue, by Kurt King condenses a lot of Dr. Christopher's knowledge and formulas down to a "pocket" size book that is easy to take with you in the car or on camping trips. It gives recommendations for herbs and plants around you in the woods as well as Dr. Christopher's formulas if you happen to have them with you. Excellent and very practical. 

Healthy Choices Cookbook
     The next book I offer is Healthy Choices Cookbook. This is such an awesome book for those that wish to exclude processed anything. Excellent recipes that include herbs from your garden like chickweed and  more. Wonderful garden hints, canning recipes and alternatives to meats. Really does a stellar job in offering an array of meals that your family will REALLY EAT- even for picky eaters like mine.

Putting Food By 2010 Edition
     Putting Food By has been a wonderful standby to many over the years. For a long time it only rivaled my other well loved book: Root Cellaring  Updated in 2010 it is a book that covers all areas with all safety precautions accounted for. Really a timeless book.

Great Meals Dutch Oven Style
The last choice is actually one that I don't have just yet, but will be ordering one. That way we can learn together! This book discusses outdoor dutch oven cooking (the kind that has legs on it). Since I got a dutcth oven for my birthday on the 27th I'm going to really work on developing my outdoor cooking skills. I love using my many pieces of cast iron in the house, now its time to break out of the box!

So come join me this week and be sure to pass the word along to make it fun!

PS- Im willing to send it out of the country too if you folks would like- I know there are a number of you that visit my blog. You help make this blog what it is too, and I appreciate it!


  1. Herbs to the Rescue sounds very interesting! Please include me in your

    Ann P.

  2. Ok- here I am :-) Thanks for including me!
    Staci S.

  3. I am so glad to see you back up and running. I have missed your posts.
    Jamie C.

  4. I'd love Putting Food By! My email address is on my profile. I try to keep up with blog posts, but with a 16mo old - it's hard to keep up!

  5. Just "got on board" with your site. Looks like I'll be spending lots of time here. Thanks so much for your efforts that bless us all!

    Doreen G