Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Projects

     A couple days after Lilly was born I woke up at night to feed and change her. Upon my waking I had an urgent sense of "must be ready for the cold". Again a couple hours later, it happened again. Now usually I don't have foreboding type "premonitions" but this really hung heavy on my mind. This wasn't the kind of fun fall-itchy-knitting-fingers ready, or the kind of enthusiasm for the 101 projects I want to start at the first hint of cool breezes. It definitely had a heavy ominous feeling that didn't make me giddy or thrilled inside.
     Since then I've been really concerned about being ready for the cold. As it is a little vague, I'm not sure what areas I need to be ready in. I feel like getting a general swath of readiness in the clothing, food, and bedding areas of our lives.
     To start off with I decided that my zig-zag afghan needs to be getting finished. I also started a two tone blue granny square afghan for Nathans bed out of some acrylic (yeah I know- I cringed too!) that was given to me. The next afghan will be for the girls bed. I have even had inklings of some cardigan-type sweaters trying to force their way into my thoughts.
     In the sewing department, I'd like to have a new quilt for each bed. I plan on doing plain jane square or puff quilts, one for each bed as well. I've finished up the curtains for the living room and kitchen this week and am also going to start working on some for the kids' room and mine as well. I would also like to do some window quilts if I can squeeze the time out for them. It also goes without saying that that the kidlets will need warm p.j.'s and nightgowns (I'm due for some new ones too) and some heavier type clothes.
     The food department is pretty self explanatory- generally: 1.Get food. 2.Dry or can food 3.Try to find some place to put food.
     I've also been thinking about how this is all from an attempt at being ready for "something", when long ago this was the norm for everyone. Everyone had to store up for the cold seasons in this way. Its such a shame that we, as a "civilization" have had to re-learn the art of "survival" which was just normal everyday life for thousands of years, regardless of where a person lived or how rich or poor they were.
     So Ive been setting up goals through these last few weeks to get small things done in order to see larger long term results. I pray that it gets done, and in the proper capacity in which it is needed.
     What about you? Have you had any feelings of this kind? If so (or not) what are the projects you are working on now, for your benefit this fall/winter? Share with us!



  1. I've been staring at my pantry shelves and thinking there are too many empty canning jars and not enough full ones! We had a slow start to the growing season here due to cold and rain, so there's a lot less put up than there was last year at this time and it makes me nervous!

    I don't know what may or may not be coming, but I am very aware that the time to prep for it is NOW while the sun is shining and supplies are still available! :0)

  2. My garden hasn't done the best either due to the wet and cold start. We have been stocking up on food for a while now "just in case". Our concerns are for wood. We use a wood burner to heat with since electric is so expensive (natural gas is not available in our area).

  3. Thank you for sharing. I have heard many who are very concerned for the coming winter. Several have suggested that their concern is not only for a severe winter but also for a very early winter...coming too soon without much harvest in the meantime. Only thing we can do is prepare as best we can.