Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tax Return Planning

   Well we got our tax return in this Monday. After repaying a small loan my husband gave me $1000 to spend as I saw fit. So the question is, if you had $1000 what would you do with it?
   Right now one of the top things on my list is to get a Berkey water purifier. Having a source of water is most important. Really, what good would dehydrated food do you if you had no way to re-hydrate it? I have been eye-balling a BERKEY  LIGHT for a couple years now. In my opinion anything that can filter out red dye is definitely on the higher end. Now regularly I'd take the frugal route of making my own (see the HOMEMADE BERKEY FILTER link on my Pertinent Links page). In this case however I'm going to go ahead and buy it for the full price and get the "free" gift that is worth $70 on the site (a choice of a shower head, filtering water bottles or the PF2 filters). Since I'd been looking at it on Lehmans, I was glad to see an extra perk if I bought it through the company for the same price that Lehmans offers it for.
   Purchase #2 is going to be that pressure canner that I've been waiting for. With a couple dozen jars to start, I'm planning on putting a little extra money towards meat and butter to can up and store under the bed. Wish me luck!
   #3 is going to be about $150 worth of herbs from herbal advantage, including some capsules, emu oil and another tea ball.
   A possible for #4 is going to be some school cirriculum from Keepers of Faith, something that I can use to home school the children in the basics with quality materials.
   As for the rest, I'm hoping to set some aside for yard sales (hopefully some off season deals like a Kerosene heater) or some barrels for a rain collection system (our water rates went up another 4.4% yesterday).
   Whats on your "To Get" List? Let us know!


  1. Great! Pressure canning isn't that bad you know! And by the way the all american canners are the best, no seal to replace! Don't waste your money on the others! And guess what! I found a video for pressure canned milk! I'll share it with you!

  2. I bought a pressure canner and jars with my income tax money as well. I also purchased the supplies we needed to make a pen four our meat chickens and turkeys (can't wait for the turkeys to come). I've canned chicken soup, chilli, chicken legs and thighs. I was a little intimidated by the pressure canner, but it's not so bad.

  3. Pressure canner a huge yes, taking some money and using it to stock up on basics, wheat berries, sugar, rice, beans, salt ( great for bartering and you need the iodine if the bleep hits the fan) (I place basic foods in 6 gallon or 3.5 gallon buckets with gasket lids), then rain barrels and maybe the water filter......